What's the Meaning of MUSOTOKU?

MUSOTOKU is a Japanese word that means believe in yourself and follow your instinct even if you can’t tell where does it take you. Gain is not your driver.

The impulse to make things without worrying about the gain is the essence of MUSOTOKU meaning. When you are deep into that state you feel limitless, everything flows.

Our Story

MUSOTOKU is the result of both an obsesion and an old curse, and those two things mixed in same proportions gave birth to the legendary MUSOTOKU Power Supply.

I’ve been an engineer for many years working for the satellite industry and the avionics and high speed trains.

Since I was I child I always had the dream of inventing something new and to make a living out of it. Nevertheless, although I tried hard many times, I was never able to achieve it. I have always been plenty of ideas and hope, so I tried again and again, but with the same result: failure.

MUSTOKU, on the contrary, was born in a complete different way. There was no business plan, no market research, no analysis or whatever. I would simply felt the urge to design and build the best Power Supply I could imagine, so I went after this instinct that I was passionate about. I worked untiringly on this idea while commuting, at weekends and holidays, pretty much at any time. It was never an actual effort, it was a pleasure I enjoyed with all my heart.

After quite a few months the legendary MUSOTOKU was finished, and of course we have nobody interested in buying it because I had not planned that part of the story. It was after showing my work to many of my friends that I found two of them really enthusiastic about the product: yes, they were working in the tattoo industry. I was introduced to a well known Spanish tattoo machine builder that loved the project and offered me to debut at the International Tattoo Convention of Barcelona. It was 2015 and I was thrilled, everything was running on rails.

I was still setting up the booth and my first customer arrived. He liked the product at once but wanted to know more, so he made lots of questions. We talked for a long time, and before leaving he took his wallet and bought the first MUSOTOKU. The curse was over.

It was for me quite a life lesson that the name I chose for my brand was precisely the story of how I overcame my old curse.

It was only after I followed my instinct with courage and generosity, without looking for the profit that I found my own meaning and my mission. My dream.

I still have that money from my first customer kept in a beautiful box like a treasure, and when I see that box in my drawer I feel its strong and beautiful pulse, as if it were a heart full of energy, and that reminds me what MUSOTOKU means.

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