Does Musotoku work without Footswitch?

Yes, you can work without footswitch.
By pressing and holding the pushbutton the output will turn on permanently until the pushbutton is again press & hold.
Additionally, while in “continuous Mode” it is also possible to add a footswitch if you like, so the output can be turned ON or OFF by momentary pressing the footswitch (no need to maintain the footswitch pressed).

Will it break my Musotoku if it drop off the table?

We don’t think so. We have put an emphasis in the aluminum construction instead of plastic precisely to minimize the effects typical drop accidents. Unlike other power supplies built of plastic, Musotoku will not break, but bend. Of course we cannot say it is absolutely drop-proof, but we made everything possible to reduce the impact.

What is the NITRO Power Feature?

NITRO Power is an exclusive feature of Musotoku Power unit that makes your machine to start up always, no matter the speed or load that you have selected.
NITRO injects an extra pulse of power during the first 0.5 seconds after pressing the foot-switch.
This feature is particularly useful for situations in which you are working at low speeds, the ink you are using is sticky or the machine you are using is very demanding to start up (Cheyenne Hawk, for example).
After these 0.5 seconds, the speed of the machine will be exactly the adjusted output that is set with the dial knob.

Is NITRO safe for my rotary machine?

Absolutely safe. NITRO works exclusively within the safe voltage ranges of your rotary, never higher. Besides NITRO will improve the health and performance of your motor thanks to the zero probability of motor stall at the start up.

Can I deactivate the NITRO Power Feature?

Yes, it can be activated or deactivated on demand at any moment.
Just push the on top of the dial knob to get access to the menu, then navigate to the NITRO setup and finally choose between Activated or Deactivated.
This preference setting is stored in memory, so you don’t have to come back to re-configure it every time you switch your power supply on.

How many Setup Memories are available?

There are 4 setup memories that can be acccessed sequentially by pressing the pushbutton. When 4th memory is reached, the next pushbutton press will wrap to the memory 1, and so on.

How are Setup Memories re-programmed?

This is made automatically. Whenever you change the output voltage by turning the dial knob, the new setting will be automatically recorded to the current memory in use.
The memory settings will be remembred by the Power Supply even if disconnected from the wall adapter.

How does the StopWatch work?

The Session Stopwatch will start counting on after the power supply is switched on, no matter if the tattoo machine is running or not.
You can PAUSE the counting of the Stopwatch and to RESUME it again at any time. This can be done by pressing and holding the dial knob (shortcut), or by accessing to the Stopwatch menu too. While the Stopwatch is in pause, the count will blink on the display.

How can I reset to zero the Stopwatch time?

To reset the Stopwatch time just access to the Stopwatch menu and select RESET..

Does the display show the speed info?

No, speed is not shown on the display. The information shown on the display is voltage output, memory in use, session stopwatch, and depending on the current events, some other temporary messages.

How can I protect the dial knob from touch contamination?

We recommend using a medium ink cup that perfectly fits the size of the knob and it is easy to have around (see example here ).
Other nice possibily is to use a stationary thimble (see example here ).

How can I attach the Musotoku Power Supply for my work?

You can use many ways to do that:
– Use the Clamp Arm (sold separately)
– Use the 20mm webbing strap
– Use any GoPro accessory as suction cup or clamps usually found on many online stores

How does the 220V / 110V country voltage change affect to my machine, do I have to change my settings?

Your machine voltage will be always the same no matter which country you are.

The wall power adapter supplied with is capable of working with any country voltage, and Musotoku is designed to work without any perceptible change for your machine. We not only tested, our customers speak for us! Many of them change country while moving from expo to expo and their settings for machines remain exactly the same no matter if they are in the USA, UK or Australia.

Will Musotoku work with my Rotary Machine?

Yes, sure! We have tested with everything we know so far, and results are always awesome good.

Just to mention a shortlist of most known Rotary brands successfully tested with Musotoku:
Cheyenne, Inkjecta, Spektra, Bishop, Stigma, Ego, FK Irons, DragonFly and Swashdrive for example. These are not only tested by us, but also extesively used by our custormers with the best possible feedback.

NOTE: The LACEnano brand is known to be an exception to this list, and will not work with any standard power supply in the market either. the LACEnano, is built around a special 3-phase brushless motor and needs to be powered exclusively by the LACEnano power unit.

Will Musotoku work with my Coil Machine?

Absolutely. We haven’t yet found a single coil machine that does not work with Musotoku.
Thanks to the high current capability of Musotoku (5A) you will find it much easier to adjust your coil machine, and besides you will feel less hot after heavy use.

Will the Wall Power Adapter work correctly in my country?

Yes, the Musotoku pack includes an universal wall power adapter that runs from 110V to 240V and from 50 Hz to 60 Hz, which covers the all the line power possibilities around the world.
The plug is European type, but we will provide you with an adapter to the USA, or UK types if you demand it from us.

Does Musotoku work without Footswitch?

Yes, you can work without footswitch.
By pressing and holding the pushbutton the output will turn on permanently until the pushbutton is again press & hold.
While in “continuous Mode” it is also possible to add a footswitch too, so the output can be turned ON or OFF by momentary press of the footswitch (no need to maintain the footswitch pressed).

What is the advantage of 5A output over the typical 2A/3A found on other power supplies?

If power supply is Low in Output Capacity it will dip momentary on every push, so you we’ll need to compensate this by increasing the voltage of the power supply, and this additional voltage is what builds extra heat on your machines. Even worst, because of this higher voltage they will run too much boosted (overdrive effect), and will tend to bounce in excess for the coil machines , so finally it is a less smooth experience than it should.

Does Musotoku Power Supply have output for more than one machine?

No, there is one single output. To get more than one output it is necessary to use a regular cable splitter.

Why Musotoku has output protection for tattoo machines?

Musotoku Power Supply has built-in protections to avoid dangerous over current in your equipment.
This protection will prevent any harm in your machine the event of shortcircuit or mechanic jam.

How much is shipping?

Shipping worldwide is Flat Rate of 10 EUR (or $10 for USA and Canada)

How long does it take shipping?

Allow 24h for processing your order, then it takes 2 to 5 business days to reach anywhere in the world.
Having said that, our statistics show that Spain is usually next day delivered and USA/Canada is around 2-3 days.

Where do you ship from?

We ship our packages from our workshop in beautiful Madrid, Spain.

How can I pay my order?

You can pay with both credit/debit card, or PayPal. We use a safe gateway from Stripe and Paypal respectively. We don’t store any credit card information.

Do I have to pay customs?

We ship from Spain, so if you are based in the European Union there are for sure no custom duties to be paid.
If you are based outside the European Union it might be possible that your country would charge you with additional taxes. Please, note that this cost is to be paid upon reception of the package and Musotoku does not have any control or responsability of this taxes.

Is my shipping insured?

Yes, it is insured.

Can I return my order?

Yes, of course you can do it. You have one complete month after purchase to test in extend the product and return it for whatever reason you find.

What is the warranty of Musotoku?

Musotoku provides a limited warranty of 2 years after date of purchase.

Why do I have to give my phone number on my order?

This is not for our use, but for the Courier company to contact you in order to arrange delivery schedule with you.

Why do I have to give a ID number on my order?

We are obliged to provide a customer ID number such as passport number, driver license number, SS number or similar when sending outside the European Union (Customs regulations). We have to include this number on the international invoice that we attach to your package.